nanoKontrol not found

I just bought a Korg nanoKontrol2 to control volumes etc. When I initially plugged it in to my USB hub it appeared in the list of MIDI devices and when I moved the faders Cantabile registered that it was receiving data. However, I couldn’t get it to control any functions. Slider 1 is set to CC 0 but assigning this to CC 7 didn’t work.
I downloaded the driver and the editor package but a) the editor couldn’t find it and Cantabile said it was now “(disconnected)”
I deleted it from the list of input devices in Cantabile and now I can’t pick it up again! This is a simple piece of kit to do a simple job, it can’t be that difficult! Any suggestions?

I have several questions, but I would start with asking, did you re-boot the computer after installing driver?

I know the nano installed itself, but you installed another driver…they could possibly be conflicting with each other. You may need to delete the drivers, re-boot, then re-install the nano by plugging it in. Do you use a powered usb hub?

Hi Richard,

I have the nanoKontrol2. When I first plugged it in (did not install any drivers in Windows 10) all the knob and sliders were showing in the midi monitor. I then set it up using defaults for VB3 1.4 faders, drive, click etc. The first snag I hit was that VB3 can’t use CC0. At that point I realized I needed to download the editor so I could change that first slider to another CC value. Once I did that everything was working fine. Later I changed most of the settings on the nanoKontrol2 so that it worked with the default controllers in VB3.

Since everything was working fine I decided to install the Korg USB driver :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I didn’t have any problems with it. It lets you suppress the device number in the port name and you can set it so it works only 32 or 64 bit - or both.

There is an alternative: leave the nanoKontrol as it is, wrap it into a rack (you’ll need to enable environment ports to be visible in racks) and create bindings from the nanoKontrol’s controller numbers to whatever you need for any specific VSTi. By setting “target” state behavior on all these bindings and creating different rack states with different targets, you can actually have different configurations of your nanoKontrol directly as rack states in Cantabile. One for VB3, one for your favorite synth, etc…



Hi Torsten,

While I was configuring the nanoKontrol2 I was trying to avoid the Korg editor because manufacturer provided software is often poorly designed. You’ve provided me the answer on how to do that - thanks!

A benefit to setting the nanoKontrol2 back to default is you only have to remember one maneuver (press and hold cycle, prev and next buttons while plugging in usb) to make sure it’s at default settings.


I have a nanoKontrol Studio and I’m using the Korg usb driver and editor. In my experience the editor only works when connecting directly to the computer. Otherwise the editor doesn’t see it. I used that to configure the faders to send cc100-107 and write the scenes to the device. Next I can connect it to my usb hub on my iConnectivity device, and it works perfectly.