My Stream Deck pages

I have just been refining and updating my Stream Deck XL (32-button) Profile for Cantabile. Thought I’d share, in case it helps anyone else:
SD Cantabile 01
SD Cantabile 02

Page 1 is ‘Main’. Page 2 (‘Aux’) is for chopping and changing during rehearsal. The greyed buttons are the ones I have pinned to each page (and any further pages I choose to create in this Profile).

Over on the right of the middle two rows of Page 1 is my momentary ‘Talk’ button, which enables me to arbitrarily open the stage talk mic - beyond the automated open/close based on starting/stopping backing playback.

Below the Talk button are my cue lights, designated MIDI CC 31-34 and four different colours when triggered. I can use these lights to cue me to important points in the song, maybe by counting off or flashing. I can also activate these buttons manually, and since they are synchronised across all players, send a message to the others, maybe that I’m handing a solo over (CC31), or that “I’m having technical troubles, so cover for me” (CC33) - or SOS = all lit! With the new looping facilities in Cantabile I’ll no doubt use these indicators to show everyone when we’re within a loop.

On the top row I have page controls, the button to start up Cantabile and a timer, since I’m often called on to do 30-minute, or 1-hour sets. I also have a clock to keep me on schedule!

I have room for two more pages in this Profile design, which I’ve not yet felt the need to stray into, but gives me the capacity, should I need it.

This is just my way of doing things. It’s not right or wrong, but it may help someone.