My Live Rig - Roland Robertson - Black Water Revival (Doobie Brothers tribute band)

Recently started a Doobie Brothers Tribute Band called Black Water Revival. Here is a picture of my rig (notice Cantabile WebUI on the iPad):

M-Audio Hammer 88 controller
Arturia KeyLab61 MkII controller
Roland Ax-Edge - with my name, had to do it!
TEControl Breath Controller
Cantabile (of course)
Lots of VSTs - Arturia, Spectrasonics, Roland, Korg, IKMultimedia, SWAM, more

notice the iPad with the Cantabile WebUI setlist near the right edge of the 88-key controller

One video clip from our recent show (recorded on a phone, so be kind when judging the audio quality):
Doobie Brothers “Jesus is Just Alright with Me” Cover


Sounds good to me!
The vocals are strong and the music is dead on.


Really very good, congratulations!

Very nice!!
What Corky said. :+1: