My Juno DS keeps disappearing

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HI all! I’m not sure what’s happening, but my Juno DS keeps getting “lost” whenever I disconnect the cabling from my USB hub.

I’ve been working on my rig, changing things around, changing racks, stands, etc. It seems like every time I disconnect my Juno DS (everything is off when i do this), when I plug it back in, turn everything on (keyboards first, then PC), the Juno DS has changed designations in Cantabile, so there’s a new (2 Juno DS, 3 Juno DS) designation in the ports list, and it isn’t talking to the DS. I’ve changed the port, and it kept my presets, but this time, it’s erased all the patch numbers, so everything is reset to 1. This is heartbreaking, I don’t get what’s happening.
Thanks in advance! chris

This is kinda a known thing. Always plug MIDI devices in the same port. Now, here’s a hack to fix where you are. Bring up Device Manager. Select “show hidden devices”. I forgot which menu it’s on, just look around. Then, go to the device tree and expand Audio and Game devices. You’ll see “ghost” versions of the driver for your devices. Delete them all, but no need to delete the driver (yet).

If this works, you are done and plug everything in the same way from now on. If it doesn’t work, uninstall and reinstall the driver.

Thanks Brain, I’ll give it a shot!

There’s also the utility Ghostbuster that helps to remove ghosted USB devices. It seems to be hard to find these days, but here’s one download location:


Nice App!

Thanks all! I’ve deleted the ghost items, should I delete the good instances as well? I did not get my patches back (still listing 1 for each patch change. using the new name for the Juno, it stays 1.

The good news is, I have a spreadsheet of patches for my songs (the reason I’m now using Cantabile, of course). Sometimes I miss only having 64 patches per synth. XD

USB-Oblivion is what I use for this purpose (or a Mac where you do not have this problem! :smile: ). Do you reckon that Ghostbuster is a better tool?