My interview on the Chasing Product podcast

Hey All,

I was recently interviewed by Christopher Hawkins from the Chasing Product podcast about building Cantabile. We talk about my background, how I came to build Cantabile, why I rebuilt it, what happened between Cantabile 2 and 3, the importance of customer feedback and customer support, my tips for anyone looking to build a long term product and more.

If you’re interesting in building any sort of product, I highly recommend Chris’ podcast - one of my favourites.



Great interview and podcast in general. Very interesting to hear some of the background and history behind Cantabile, and motivation for V3!


Great interview Brad - very illuminating! The emulator just HAD to be for the Commodore 64, yes? haha!

Thanks Guys,

This was my first experience with podcasting - I was a little nervous about it, so I’m pleased to hear you enjoyed it.

The emulator was for a Microbee - which I’ve emulated both in software (never released) and in hardware.


ahh of course the Microbee - wasn’t the Commodore 64 Aussie as well?

Just downloaded the podcast. Look forward to hearing the interview.

Just listened, great interview.

Other than a great product. I think the single best change that you have made is the new licensing. As an independent contractor, I understand the need to be not only be a good service provider but also a good customer. I see the extra fees directly contributing to your ability and desire to support and improve the product. For those of us that perform live and count on this product, the small subscription fee is a moot point compared to the extra value, usability, confidence in the product and on going support.


I think Commodore was Canadian from memory. I have fond memories of those old machines and looking forward to seeing this.

Thanks John. I really have tried to make the licensing as fair as possible to both the customer and myself - so that’s very pleasing to hear.

Ahh okay cool - I always thought it was aussie. Thanks for the link, had no idea that was going on!

for those others who are interested, here is a promo vid