My first time live with Cantabile :)


just wanted to share my happiness with you. After some months of composing and rehearsing using Cantabile I played my first live show with no amp. And this was incredibly cool, comfortable, nice etc. :grinning:

I used Cantabile:

  • for controlling Scuffham Amps S-Gear via Livid Guitar Wing
  • for playing some creepy drones mixed with synths using Korg NanoKey2, while changing guitars
  • as a very helpful cheat-sheet (after marking songs on playlist in colours and scaling app up to 120%), not just as the track list, but also a guide when should I run the samples mentioned above and when to change guitar

Everything went smoothly, the sound engineer was happy, everyone was happy, so I’m happy too :wink:

I’d love to thank everyone here for your advice on setting things up some months ago, it was really helpful. Love :slight_smile:

Me onstage, controlling stuff with Guitar Wing:

My gear right before the soundcheck:


Hey Adam,

Good to hear, glad it went well and thanks for sharing!


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don’t hesitate to show some vid or audio :wink:

I like the idea of running drone / synth sounds during guitar changes! It’s a constant issue in our band (our guitarist is a fan of open tunings and different guitars, so he carries at least 5 to every gig) - at present, I need to watch him run off and come back and keep the audience engaged in the meantime.

I could build something into my background rack to fire random drone sounds - nice!




Maybe we’ll publish something online following the release of the album (hopefully - soon) - this was the debut show, the only one for now, and the album is currently being mixed so we don’t want to publish anything prior to the proper album release :wink: Anyway, of course I’ll post something here as soon as the “embargo” will be over - I’m excited with controlling Cantabile using GuitarWing, so just for this reason I’d like to share some video as a “showcase” here.

Cool, and I spotted another eBow user?

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Sometimes :smiley: Mostly for the base note for the soundscapes that I put then on the infinite reverb in the background of song.

I was thinking this may be the solution to those who need either ambient guitar-change music or those with church gigs that want to keep the sound going between songs. Maybe one of the workhorse sysths (M1 or Xpand!2) or maybe one of the really low overhead free ones like A-Pad. At any rate, a thing like that in the BG rack could play nonstop during Song changes either live or with Media Player running a MIDI loop subject to manual or triggered fade in/out. Not quite sure what that would do to the tonal center, though.

A bit off-topic (no Cantabile in the movie;)), but in case anyone’s interested - we have just published our first video :slight_smile:

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