My Cantabile Experience

As a seasoned and avid musician I’ve roaded around 100+ lbs K2500’s and K2600’s for many years. I read through large manuals to learn to program K series keyboards and always lamented the limits of the displays and the page after page of switches. They were very powerful performance tools but beasts to program. After switching to Cantabile and vsti-vst plugins I now use a laptop and either 1 or 2 MIDI Keyboard Controllers as well as a MIDI Control Surface and all it it weighs way less than 1 K series keyboard and with a good interface box it sounds far superior; not to mention, with Cantabile all my music lists and sounds are far better organized and accessible. This allows me to play Sample sets that no K-series could even load much less play. The Kurzweils are still great to use as controllers at home but now my main 88 note weighted keyboard is about 45 pounds so I carry it around all the time now. I have a small 61 key controller I also use and it only weighs 22 pounds and is very capable. My back feels better already! I also process all my vocals through Cantabile so I can do all my personal instrument and voice mixing from my laptop and then hand a cable to the house mixer.

When I started using Cantabile 2 a few years back I used it to augment/replace my older performance gear and soon began to find myself using it more and more as a practice and idea gathering tool for keyboard, vocal and whole songs. This is when I began to use this software daily. It covers all my sounds, recordings, effects setups and keeps all of it rounded up in one program. I’ve always received great feedback and help from Brad and have learned much from it. I look forward to the coming version 3!

Thanks Brad

it’s a wonderful creation


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Thanks Dave! Much appreciated and glad you’re enjoying Cantabile.