Mute media player tracks during intro click

I’m experimenting with backing tracks for a new project. I can buy the backing tracks which gives me individual MP3 stems for each backing instrument. I can add these into around 7 slaved media players in each song. I quite like the separate stems, because depending on which instruments are playing live I can mute the relevant backing tracks.

  • One stem is a click track. I send that to my IEM audio port. All the other tracks output to the main speakers (via an global out rack)
  • The problem I have is that all the other stems also have an intro count in click for a few beats. I don’t want this to be heard through the main speakers.
  • The obvious solution is to edit the mp3s and remove the intro clicks, but if I then save as mp3 again, I lose a bit of the quality. Also will take a while going through each stem for each song.
  • I can download the stems without any intro, but then the song starts straight away with not countin to send to the IEMs. Ideally I want a countin on the click track, but silence on all the instrument tracks during that countin.
  • Are there any other ways, for example muting the instrument media players during the 1st couple of seconds while the intro click is happening?


If there is no music behind the click on your tracks, it’s easy. you can use the gain and trigger each track.
Use then transport and binding for programming a silence zone for the first mesure for exemple.

If you have click and music together on the tracks… It’s impossible.

See you

Hi Al,

There is this method that requires Performer to do. Set up your Media Players and then rename the routes on the Media players you want to mute. Then mute the ones you want quiet at the beginning and leave the click un-muted.

Then make some bindings that enable the output routes at the point on the time line you want. I also added a couple of bindings to reset the mutes when the transport is stopped.

You can use the timeline view to locate the position you want to put the switch at. The event dialog box for the position have a “Use Current” button that copies the transport position to the bindings event field.

so when you hit play the media players all start since they are slaved but the Stereo out for the main audio tracks is muted until the transport position is reached.



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Hi Dave, thanks for this, I used a variation. I have 2 states in my global out rack, one of which sets the volume to 0 for the tracks going to main speakers, but leaves the click track output open. The 2nd state sets the volume back to 100.

I used volume rather than mute, because that lets me also independently mute whichever tracks I don’t want to hear across the set.

I then used the Is Before Position binding in the song to switch between the rack states. That seems to survive any moving around of the timeline.

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Thanks for the shout out Al. I’m happy you found a solution. I will check out the Before Position type binding, I like trying new things out!