Multitrack-Recording while Monitoring with Cantabile

Hey guys,

I have a rehearsal next week where we want to do a multitrack recording. I thought about using a classic DAW like Cubase or so but since we do the monitoring at the same time with the same machine, Cantabile seems to be the better and faster alternative. Setting up mixes in Cubase is quite a task and I’m way more familiar with Cantabile.

IIRC Cantabile records all selected recording-ports in one wave-file so I need to split it later on, which is thanks to @Torsten no problem. He wrote an app for it.

So my first question is:
Does the recording-function work reliable? Did anyone encounter problems with it?

The only drawback with Cantabile is, that I can not see quick if the recording was running well or if there were any problems inside the audiosignals such like dropouts or clipping.

So my second question:
Is there an alternative / better solution for this task? Do you have any suggestions or would you stay with Cantabile?

Thank you very much!



I’ve used it many times without problems. Very stable and reliable. Very clean recordings…no pops or dropouts. Just keep an eye on your levels, which I test before recording. You can transfer to a DAW later for mixing. I think it is the best way, other than my digital mixer to a thumb drive, but it occasionally fails, and is a pain transferring and converting format. C3 is easiest.

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I use Cantabile’s recording functionality for live recordings on a regular basis without any problems. Of course, all levels are set and tested beforehand and I continuously keep an eye on them on my audio interface.

I’ve used Cantabile’s recording system extensively alongside it handlng the performance of four musicians. It was a rocky start, when I stumbled over a bug that scuppered the entire recording, but Brad soon fixed it and it’s been solid since. I have plenty of live multi-tracks from which an album has been created.

For the record I’m running mine with a Behringer XR18.

Also, you can see levels from the Monitor sidebar. There are options for what you want to display.

Apologies for reviving an old thread, but I’m considering setting this up as well, and I’m wondering what the overall CPU hit is for using recording and performance VSTs on the same machine? I’m using an XR18 like @The_Elf above, but since it’s my performance interface I’m a little nervous about throwing all that extra work at the computer. Any advice on the extra computing overhead necessary for this?

Other than the bug I mentioned above I’ve had no further problems recording and performing on the same laptop. And the first laptop I was using was a fairly humble i3 machine.

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