Multitimbral Options


I own Halion 6 and Xpand2!. The sounds are simply not near the quality of my Yamaha Motif. Does anyone know of a really good VST MultiTimbral synth with acoustic instrument sounds such as brass, woodwind, etc that is not the two I already mentioned?



Have you looked at the Roland stuff? JV1080 and SRX Orchestra would do it, but, of course, there is that nagging periodic charge. I have been an E-MU guy for many years and a lot of it is free now. It is samples, but sounds great. There is also Korg M1, very light on on load. Pretty good sounds for live work…


My suggestion would be Native Instruments Kontakt, if your budget can run to it. It comes with a huge library of bread and butter sounds - with the option to add your own and third-party library material later.


I think the latest EM mag compares HALion and Kontakt, two really high end, multitembral, samplers. I have both, I use Kontakt. I keep trying to remove Kontakt from live use, but it just keeps coming back.


Coming at it from another angle: a lot of the “sparkle” of the Motif sounds comes from its effects (which are definitely sub-par on the Xpand2!). But if you add some nice effect plugins to your Xpand rack, you can pimp your Xpand sounds massively! A bit of EQ, maybe some exciter, reverb/delay to taste - different sound altogether!




It’s getting ludicrous, some of these plugins are mini (and not so mini) DAWs in their own right.
Just for Devilment, I tried putting a Minihost Modular in a Minihost Modular in a Minihost Modular In a Minihost Modular … and it worked.
The first note caused some weird flashes out near Mars and Jupiter and a black cat walked past twice Déjà Vu.


Good Lord man, did you not watch Inception!!??


Thanks everyone for the info and papwalker, that was a great movie.

  1. Try to put Xpand2! through effects.
  2. Dig out my S1000 sample library for some sounds and load them into Halion 6
  3. Look into Kontakt (I own some of the instruments. Just build on them)
  4. Like Corky mentioned, I am seeing if anyone is dumping a module for cheap (great idea). Motif racks are still a little pricey.

Thanks again


I find the East and West sounds are awesome and very realistic but they aren’t cheap .


Wow! The East West collection is AMAZING! Thanks! I used to use them in the old Akai S1000 days. They were always the best samples. Thanks again!