Multiple media players started each by different binding

Hi, All!

I set two media players with different short MIDI files.
The master transport is metronome with Tap Tempo.
Each Media player’s Sync Mode is Slave(Musical).
Then I made two bindings for each player “Play from Start”.

Tap Tempo works normally.
But even if either binding becomes active, two players start at the same time.:pensive:
I want to start each player on a different binding separately.

Probably I think I make some mistake but cannot notice it at present.
Can I have some advice?


Hi Ro Mukai,

I don’t understand the relationship between the Metronome and the media players in your setup here. The master transport doesn’t control the speed of the media players only the start and stop and pause of the player or players when they are Master/ Slaved. The Midi files have their own tempo included in the file and play back at that speed. That said, if you want the media players to start separately with your bindings you set The Master/Slave settings to “None” for both.


Hi Dave,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I am sorry for not explaining sufficiently.
I want to playback these MIDI files synchronize to live tempo.
Not MIDI file’s original tempo.
There is no problem using this setting for only one player.

Hi Gaap,

I don’t know how you are achieving this with the setup you are showing. I tried here but it didn’t work for me. Anyway, the only ways I know of to do what you are trying is

  • change the tempo in the MIDI file.

  • Use the media player speed control and bind it to the tempo. (see picture below) This is not accurate but will speed and slow the media player playback from the tempo control and your MIDI file as a result.

[quote=“Gaap, post:3, topic:4499”]
I want to playback these MIDI files synchronize to live tempo.

As I said before I don’t think Cantabile can do this (except in the way I showed above) but just in case I will flag this post for @brad the developer and maybe he can help us both clear up your question.

Cheers, :slight_smile:


Hey @dave_dore,

There is definitely a way to override the tempo in the MIDI file via the master metronome - the secret is “Musical Slave” mode:

The difference between realtime and musical is the playback speed/tempo of the synced media file.

Realtime - the synced media file plays at it’s native speed and depends on the slave and master both having the same tempo in order to stay in sync. eg: A metronome set to a particular tempo and an audio file recorded at the same tempo.

Musical - here the target MIDI player ignores the tempo information in the MIDI file and instead tracks the master transport. eg: when a midi file is synced to the metronome, changing the tempo of the metronome will cause the midi file to play faster/slower.

(from @brad’s Guides section).




Thanks @Torsten for the info I need to test it out! Sorry if I gave bad info to OP. :zipper_mouth_face:



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Hey @Gaap

With an assist for my memory and forgetfulness from Torsten I think i figured a way to do this. Firstly, my apologies for not getting the sync question right. Your setup worked fine except the switching between the 2 media players but you didn’t want then to play at the same time. That said I found a way to achieve what you describe. Here is the routing view

You can’t get the sync without the musical mode choice so both the players are set that way and both play and stop when the initial Main Transport is used as well as sync to the metronome. To get them to play separately I have set up 2 states and will be enabling or disabling the MIDI out route on each depending on the state. The first state is selected here and the first media player is un-muted. The other state “2” simply switches that to the opposite with the 1st media player route muted and the second enabled.

Here are the bindings

Notice that I use your original bindings and add the state switching bindings for the media players.
Also uncheck Tempo on metronome behavior.


I tested it here and it works! Sorry again for any confusion … :blush:



Hi Dave and Torsten,

Thank you very much for your perfect answer.:blush:

In my setting both players are the musical slaves of one master transport equally.
Then “Play from Start” for each media player becomes the same meaning.
So you made two song states to separate them. I understand.

I’ll try this setting tonight. Thanks again.