Multiple gigs, one laptop, one user

Using Cantabile in a musical theatre orchestra pit and other gigs, I’ve set up each show as a single song, with states to switch the sounds as the score demands.

All works great, except after five shows full of sound effect and track samples, it seems to be taking a long time to start up. Like it has to load every show ever done.

Is this what’s happening and there any way to mitigate this? Setting up separate user logins per show to get separate profiles isn’t an option because I’ve got software licensed to one user profile.

Are you putting the “songs” (shows) into a setlist, and then pre-loading the whole setlist? If so, that would explain why it seems to be taking longer to start up; it truly would be pre-loading all the stuff for every show.


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I haven’t used the setlist feature. Just fired Cantabile up and created songs… so creating setlists with one song in each would keep the songs isolated from each other?

Possibly. One way to check would be to see if “Preload Setlist” is checked in the Tools menu if you are using the latest stable build. If it is checked, uncheck it and see if load times are faster.