Multiple configuration, sending program changes

Fellow musicians

I’m new to Cantabile, so please bear with me :yum:. What I try to achieve should be fairly simple in Cantabile, but I just can’t get it to work.

At home I use a Kawai piano, in the rearsel room a Yamaha (no VSTi involved). In my songs I’d like to use a linked piano rack, where the rack states reflect the piano presets I need.

I use two Cantabile configurations (/config:home vs. /config:rehearsel) as described in, so that the piano rack is mapped to the correct physical device. On song load (or switching song states) the required program changes should be sent to the instruments. Of course, the program changes are different in the home and the rehearsel configuration.

How do I setup the piano rack, so it sends the Kawai prog chg at the home configuration and the Yamaha prog chg at the rehearsel configuration? Any help is much appreciated.

Regards, Michael

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Okay folks, I finally figured it out by myself, it’s actually very simple. I need a rack for each physical device. Both racks implement the same patch list as rack states, but send different program changes. The home configuration wires the Kawai rack to the physical device, the Yamaha is not connected and ignored. The opposite holds for the rehearsel configuration. Very easy.

At first I tried to use one rack only, which should send different program changes depending on the configuration, but I think, this is just not possible. Anyway, if you know a more elegant soultion, let me know. Thanks for listening.