Multi-channel recorded audio playback

Hi there,

I’m using Cantabile Perforner 3500 series with a Behringer XR18 digital mixer in a small band. We’d like to be able to record rehearsals for obvious reasons.

Cantabile records the multiple tracks (9 at the mo) of audio perfectly. The problem comes when we want to playback - it dutifully plays each channel back to the channel it was recorded on, which necessitates reconfiguring the XR18 inputs for each channel (from audio to USB return) - and then, of course back again when we want to rehearse some more, which is obviously not ideal.

What Would be great is for the cantabile media player to mix down the 9 tracks into a stereo pair which I can then route to the XR18 aux output to play back during a rehearsal.

In the past (and with cantabile 2) I built a Reaper script to do this post rehearsal - but it’d be great to be able to do this in real-time.

Is there anyway to do what I want directly in Cantabile 3?



If I recall, what you do is set up a multi-channel “device” with the correct number of stereo outputs, but when assigning each output, send them always to the same stereo pair. Then use that multi-channel “device” as the output of the media player, and all the media player outs will be funneled into the stereo outs you desire.