Much love for the Galileo Organ VST?


What’s the consensus for this plug? Anyone here using it?


Hey Dennis

Is this the iPad app version? I’ve not been able to find a VST version of it.


The what now?..


haha yeah my bad - the iOS one!


??? All I know is that it is an iPad app. I saw it sometime back, but I don’t use Apple products, so I gave it very little attention. It sounded decent, but pad apps are not really my thing. All the vids I’ve seen has it drenched in reverb.

edit: Ahhh…the Dennis is back. I see how it could be fun to play, but…


ahhh ok thanks Corky - I’m looking to setup a backup system using the iPad and I had read some nice things about it but nothing beats real world experience. It won’t some close to VB3 but might do in a pinch!


I could see that! I have a friend that runs his rig off iPad, so not a bad idea “in a pinch”. :grin:


I once learned a B3 part from a guy on YouTube using Galileo on an iPad. The emulation was better than I expected.


cool! Thanks for that. If Guido had even hinted at a iOS port, I’d wait…but as it is probably 100% certain he won’t I need to find something. The organs in Sampletank are awful, and there is about 1 that is “useable” in Korg Module and after that not much at all…so when I heard about Galileo the ears pricked up hahaha!


I picked up Galileo a while back with the idea of using my iPad as a backup to the Win10 laptop. After all i’d heard about it, i gotta admit i’m underwhelmed. All the drawbars and such are there, but it just sounds very sterile and digital to me - lacking in the balls (dare i say) that i expect in a B3 sim. Might do in a pinch, but pales compared to the Blue3 i’m using with Cantabile.


I also bought the add-on pack :slight_smile: still beats the Korg offerings by a long way! (on the iPad only of course) with a little bit of work I can get a few useables out of it! So not too dusty for $25. VB3 it ain’t but yeah, I can use it!