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I have been running my old HP workstations for a number of years and like them. Every once in a while while performing or practicing there would be a large CPU spike that would temporarily rob Cantabile resources enough to cause a brief bout of sputtering. It frustrated me for quite a while so since there is band down time I tried to catch the event on a process monitor to hopefully identify it. It didn’t make sense it was Cantabile or any specific VST because it was random and struck no matter what VST was going. A few days ago I managed to catch the spike and tracked it to MS Edge Browser. It, as a default loads at startup in windows 10 and runs in the background to keep itself and it’s extensions auto updated. I did some web investigating to find other folks that had the same thing and the amount of uncontrolled extensions it can open can be numerous and some processes it performs are very CPU intensive. Well, that was under my nose. I shut off the startup at boot for Edge and have been running a few days with no surprises yet. I hope I got it figured out. It seems like a good idea for folks to turn it off as a background task judging from what I’ve found. You can either shut off it startup or turn off the background routines in the settings for the edge browser, they are enabled by default. It might even be be a good piece of advice to put in glitch free by @brad. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it is solved but I wanted to share what I found. :slight_smile:




Nice catch!

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Yeah, there is a similar issue with Windows 11. Be vigilant: when a windows update happens, it sometimes will put Edge back in the startup routine even if you have previously disabled it. The same with One Drive.

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Hmm, I do not use Edge, but one more thing to check for due to the “Microsoft knows best” attitude.