Mrs. Mills hack

THIS should work for any piano VST (or maybe only sampled piano vst’s?). I’ve tried it with Mrs. Mills and it dramatically improves the sound. I’ve done this in my DAW but it should be easy enough to accomplish in Cantabile. The only frustrating aspect is that I’ve found it very difficult to change the tuning in Mrs. Mills to a precise value using the mouse.

Lee, I saw the video earlier, but if your intention about the tuning is to make it perfectly tuned, then you defeat the purpose of this piano. If you watch videos of Mrs. Mills playing this piano, you would also learn why she purposely had the lower 3 octaves detuned on one string, for every note. To her, it made it sound thicker, and this is the beauty of the piano. If I wanted a perfectly tuned piano, I have thousands of choices elsewhere. So, I really don’t understand the need to make it into something it isn’t. It is a timepiece, and to many of us living thru the Beatles years, it is a particularly familiar sound we can now use on our own.

I would also love to play David Gilmour’s modded “Blackie” guitar, but I don’t have 2 million to spare, nor do I have his magic fingers. Possibly, the future may find a way to model it into a VST, and give me a chance to experience it as well. If so, the last thing I would do is try to change it.