MPC pads for cantabile


Hey guys,

I have an akai mpk with the pads.
It would be very handy to have a way to show what samples are loaded into the media player that are linked to the pads.
Or maybe even use a software that can trigger samples per pad.
I was looking at Poise.
Maybe you guys have better options?


NI Battery should do the job.


Ok might be overkill but it’s a solution


I keep such info in Cantabile notes.


Hm ok and maybe with the new wysiwyg editor i can add colored boxes or text. I noticed i forgot after a while where or if i got those samples on the pads. Lol :sunglasses:
Playing in different bands and like some hundred songs to remember. :sweat_smile:

I noticed media player is to slow to (pre) load samples that you can trigger on the beat.
I tried with mp3 versions instead of wav.
Maybe the load will be faster.
Also there is some bug, the first time the sample is triggered slower. So i first preload then by playing then silent.

Still, i rather love to use media player then a sampler.
I like it better and much easier to handle.


How about just creating a picture with those colored boxes and adding that to show notes?


It’s an idea :blush:
Could work