Mouse preferences

Do you use a mouse during live gigs? Or do you have things set up enough so that you can handle everything with midi cc knobs and sliders?

I keep a wireless mouse handy, in case I need it. Other than that. everything is done with bindings to my pedal board, or keyboard knobs, switches, pads, buttons, and sliders. My hands are too busy playing to fiddle with a mouse.

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Same here - buttons, sliders etc. only - plus a bit of MIDI remote control from LivePrompter…

Keyboard / mouse only for startup and troubleshooting

Laptop with touch screen. Also have hotkeys defined for jumping around in the set (not me jumping around on stage, i mean jumping to different places in the set ;-).

“Too busy to fiddle with a mouse”? Ever Zydeco with a ‘gator? :joy:

Always appreciate your music wisdom. I rarely run across people of our age any more that are still players. Maybe that’s why I only play in my wife’s Concert Band.

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…or flute with a copperhead!!

Thanks for the kind words Douglas. :blush:

I admire the dwindling number of older blues and soul players in my area that are still performing regularly. Many of them are well into their eighties now. I can only imagine millennials still playing loops well into their nineties. :grin:



I have a main pc and a backup that are dedicated to Cantabile, so I have it set to launch on startup. I don’t use a mouse live at all - though I keep one handy just in case.

It (the mouse) is more likely to get used between sets when I get an “A’ha!” moment that “this patch would work better if it was setup differently” than for emergencies - knock on wood.

Side note: I’ve been using the buttons on an Akai APC Mini to call up different songs in the setlist (since we don’t do a predetermined order), and it’s working great. Underutilized piece of kit outside Ableton. It’s part of how I avoid using a mouse.

I have been slowly evolving my setup, so I still use a trackball mouse. I am about to finalize my rig, but a mouse is still my best friend. It gets me to where I need to go fast. I just picked up a new keyboard/controller…a Roland RD-2000. Once I get everything situated, I will automate as many functions as possible, but I can’t ever see giving up the mouse. It’s too familiar and makes navigating super easy. My interface is a Behringer X32 mixer, which is also the PA mixer, so being able to bounce back and forth to check on things is a lot easier for me with the mouse.

Steve, so you prefer a track ball over a regular mouse? What do you see as its advantages?

The biggest advantage is it doesn’t move. You can pick a spot and plant the mouse there and it doesn’t move. It might move a 1/2 inch if I really abuse the piano, but otherwise you only need a very small area to give it a spot to rest and you’re good to go. I have a wireless Logitech track ball and it is solid. I had a regular wireless mouse and I found myself constantly having to move it back to where it was supposed to be. The other advantage is, no mouse pad needed. Right now it sits on my SL88, but since I just got the RD-2000, I’ll have to find a new spot for it

is that the model M570?

Lee…it is indeed the M570.

Touchscreen. Used to have a Lenovo laptop that converted to “tablet mode”… Was super convenient for Cantabile based performance. Now don’t have that anymore and really miss it.