More Roland Cloud Issues

I’ve just finished reading the saga of getting Roland’s dodgy coding to work with Cantabile. What a headache Brad! Good work as usual working out a solution to a problem that you didn’t create.
On a related note, is anyone else having a problem with Cloud plugin authorization for their new releases? I downloaded the update a couple of days ago and added the TR808 and SRX Orchestra plugins. All seemed good until I loaded one of the previous plugins. They then complained that they needed to be authorised so I went online and authorised them and went back offline.
All good until I loaded the new ones again. Another authorisation prompt. Argh! Online again. Authorise plugin. Go offline. Old plugins need authorisation!
This continues in an endless loop whenever I switch from an older release to a new one.

I sent Roland an email and at least they acknowledged it as a bug. Hopefully it gets a fix soon.

Is anyone else having the same issue? This happens for me in Cantabile and REAPER.

As for the sound quality, these are pretty much spot on. I have a physical System 8 and a physical Juno 106 which I recently did a full restoration and factory calibration on. I set up a patch on the Juno and created the same patch on my System 8 running the Juno 106 plugout. They sound identical to my ears.

Hopefully Roland fix these bugs with their VST instruments. They are otherwise top notch.

Jeez - that sounds like a total pain (but relieved it’s not a Cantabile related issue :slight_smile:).

Yeah. It is a pain given that I have a couple of new tracks on the new album I’m working on that use the TR808 and some of the older plugins. I actually have the 808 sounds in my V Drums modules though but the VST is handy and sounds spot on.
The 808 seems to have another bug which I haven’t tested in more detail yet. It crashed REAPER when I was moving the instrument select knob. I haven’t tested this in Cantabile yet but it is the first time I’ve had anything crash REAPER in a long time.
If it wasn’t for the top notch sound quality, I’d probably ditch Roland Cloud and stick with using the VST versions as librarians for my hardware System 8 (which is a fantastic synth BTW).
Hopefully Roland get their act together quickly with their software. They’re going to need to if they want it to succeed.

No problems in general. They do need the occasional online access to authorise, but I think they will go a fortnight before that kicks in.

This should be fixed now–make sure that you have all the current versions of all installed plug-ins (look in the My Instruments window in Roland Cloud Manager to see if it says “Update” next to the plug-in). If you have a mix of current and old, you’ll probably run into problems at some point.