More options in the webUI

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have the possibilité to use the phone as the remote;;;:wink:
The webUI is great but the possibility to going foward or backward is missing for me…
Seeing the mediaplayer file status would be great to! like a simple mediaplayer line
Could it be implemented in a futur to come?

Hi, I did this for my customised web UI - it has song forward/back and a few other changes. I’ll share later on/tomorrow.


excellent !!! thx

Here you go. Contents go in resource folder. It might work without unzipping, but not sure if contents at right level in structure. The docs cover how this stuff works. A bit rushed tonight, but give me a shout if you can’t get going.
John (2.7 MB)


sorry , cannot understand how it works…
installed in resources , but nothing different

where are the docs??

Here’s the overview

manual page

If I understand,

First I place the jc3.webfolder in resources.

Then, I need to name the adress like this to get acces:

Am I right?

I made it work !
Well, there is no fonctionnality about moving backward or forward on the media player.
I appreciate your help. but it is not what I’m searching for. Thanx anyway!

If someone know how to have control on the mediaplayer by using that Web UI, I’m interested in! particulary to have a way to see that track guideline and control the cursor on several android system!


Ah ok, my web UI has song forward/backwards (at least I think I did this, it might be in Brad’s original :)).

Could you post a screenshot?

Here you go, setlist and song view:

It would be soooooooooooo cool to have the control bar in the Web Ui
And the mediafile timeline at the same time !!

Do you think it’s possible or not at all ??