More notice on subscription early bird discount

Hi @brad, small ask, could we have more than a couple of days notice on the early bird discount. I scanned the email and decided to look at it this weekend, but didn’t notice it was only two days. No problem, I will renew anyway, but could we change this notice to a week, say? Thanks, John

I might suggest a month’s warning. I’m sad to say that a lot of the world seems to be moving to messaging as their primary I/O, and checking email sometimes only weekly.

I did manage to renew more than a month early this year, got the early-bird discount, and a full year was added to my subscription … all is good … and Bravo!

Hi @johncarter

Thanks for the suggestion - I’ll take it into consideration. The few days was chosen, because anything longer than a week seemed like something too easily forgotten.

btw: the cut off date has a fair bit of overshoot allowance. I just checked your account and you’re still good for the early bird.


Thanks Brad, just renewed.

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