Montage 8 audio interface use with cantabile


I know there are many reasons for not buying an expensive keyboard like the Yamaha Montage 8, but I have made up my mind to buy one. I will either get a montage 8 or a divorce. I will make the foolish decision to buy a montage 8 in the near future. My question is whether anybody has any idea whether the audio interface on the Montage 8 can function as an audio interface for Cantabile. In other words, is purchasing a montage 8 a means of removing the need for an external audio interface (like an rme) and simply have a laptop and a montage 8 to host and integrate my VST Instruments without any Daw. Just using C3. I don’t need multiple outputs for C3 just a right and left. If anyone knows anything about what I’m talking about I am all ears. Thanks for any suggestions!


If it is like the Motif interface you’re fine. I gigged for quite a while with the one in my MoX8. It’s actually quite convenient: less to carry to gigs and it mixes your hardware and software synths into a single PA input. You can also play a couple of guitars through it at the same time.


Hey, you might get both!! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist…)


Ha!! Both equally rewarding! Nice!