Momentary and Toggle Triggers

I am looking for some advice on my setup. I use a FBV MKII pedal to trigger states or other conditions in Cantabile. I use MIDI CC to either Toggle or Momentary trigger. The FBV control panel can easily configure it or load up saved configs.

I play guitar and a number of the configs involve turning on and off reverb, chorus, delay effects. Or changing states which have a number of routing and parameter changes. Unfortunately the buttons on the pedal only light up when you use the Toggle state, so using Momentary I cannot easily visually tell the state other than playing or trying to remember.

I was looking for a suggestion on how to have the best of both worlds. When I use Toggle I have to press twice to get the song states working vs Momentary and getting instant state change. Is there an “action” setting I haven’t tried.

Hey Lorne

I use the same pedal for keys and guitar. I use states for certain guitar songs, such as a rotary on a solo, or activating a distortion, etc. Other songs, I use the pedal switches to maybe turn on tremolo, or even front clicking the actual pedal to activate a wah-wah. It is really whatever works for you. If you came from a long history of using real pedals, the switches will feel much more normal. Also, you could change all your fx pedals to different ones in a state change in the middle of a song. Many possibilities, but it is only good for what enhances your playing.


Edit: I am setting my gear up in a few hours, and I will look at some of my bindings and get back to you.

Yes, I do have a number of states setup, but it’ also nice to have the ability to toggle in an effect as you would with stomp boxes. I am limited to 4 with this pedal so have to keep it simple.

Thanks for sharing your expertise.

Actually, You aren’t limited to 4, but in some amp sim programs, stacking many pedals will overload your CPU, so there are several ways to do this, thanks to Cantabile. Just got my gear up and running, so here is one instance I have in a song. For the song, I have a compressor, a distortion, a boost, an Octaver, chorus and reverb. The Octaver is bound to the movable pedal. The reverb and compressor will be on throughout, so no binding to the pedal. The distortion needs two different settings, so two switches are bound to that. Chorus and boost are assigned to the 2 remaining switches (on and off). It just has to be thought out ahead of time in this instance.
In other songs, I may have to use states to add/subtract pedals. I also use reverb, EQ, chorus in a rack (A-la-Torsten) which gives more room for pedals. There are many more ways to do whatever you want. There a several good pedals VSTs that can run in the chain as well. It is just a thought process. If you need help getting your pedal board lined up, just holler at me. Glad to help. :grinning:


Thanks for the suggestions. I did some additional playing around and found if I use the Toggle setting in the KBV pedal with a CC value of 127 for both states, Cantabile is happy with triggering it’s state change. Yeah!

I am not sure if Amplitude is going to like it. More testing required.

Amplitube can be very tricky to bind. I use the parameters in Cantabile to link many Amplitube parameters. But, like I said…so many ways to achieve what you want in C3.

I am revisiting this topic.

The decided to stick to momentary triggers from my FBV MKII pedal. I do loss the ability to visually see what is activated on the pedal which has lights if toggle is setup. But for a number of my other songs I like to flip to states, and momentary triggers work best.

I wish I could get toogle for some songs and momentary for other, but that would mean I would have to open up the FBV editor and send out a new configuration when required.

I am curious on how other users approach this.

Hi Lorne,

This might help, I hope so … I have some damper foot switches that are momentary only so I made a rack with a filter for this so I could use them as toggle switches in Cantabile. You could make your own rack or just use the filter on routes you want. The rack makes it so you can use it for bindings. The first momentary press produces a 127. The next momentary press will produce the opposite or 0.


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Too cool. I will play around with that concept. I think it will be very useful.

Thanks again.