.mogg file support


This may be a heavy ask, but I suppose if you never ask the answer is always “no”.

In thinking about how I’d like to use Cantabile, one nice feature would be support for .mogg files in the media player.

I envision using them to “scale up” or “scale down” the performance, from rehearsal or one-person band all the way up to a full ensemble.

Imagine playing along to a .mogg file and being able to selectively mute, isolate, mix, transpose, etc.

You could rehearse the song as a bass player with perhaps the normal mix, except the bass track turned down halfway.

Then you could play the song at a coffee house gig with live bass and guitar by muting those tracks and just hearing the drums and keyboards.

You could have a bass/drummer practice on days when the other band members can’t show up.

You could host jam night at a local music club/school and drop players in/out as needed.

** edit - I suppose treating any stem files (e.g. .wav) in the same way would work as well. I just thought of .mogg first based on how they are commonly available for many popular songs, and also the lack of applications that actually support .mogg.

Thanks in advance.


And apologies for not noting the categories before my first post…


Interesting idea. Logged it.