Modx and cantibile (and transport buttons)


I’m looking for a new 76-key keyboard, and there’s some good offers on the MODX7 right now. Is anyone using this with Cantibile, and particularly do the transport buttons send midi out (so I can bind to next/prev song for example).

Any other issues I should be aware of?


Hi, I have a Montage 7, which has the same OS. But it’s all packed up ready for a band practice later. If no body else gets back to you, I’ll take a look over the weekend.


I had a quick look today and I cannot see any MIDI activity when pressing the buttons. Also, if you press Play, it, naturally, puts you in the Song record screen, which I would not want when I am gigging.

Have you thought of using a foot switch?

Thanks for checking it out. More footswitches!

No worries. It’s what your feet are for when on stage :slight_smile:

I do my patch changes via a Roland FC300 MIDI foot controller, as I am often changing patches mid song with both hands on the keyboard…