Modify volume of a song or vst with keyboard knob


This is a newbie question, see if someone can help me!

I have a controller keyboard with a single lever, the pitch lever.
I would like to be able to assign that lever to raise or lower the volume of the song or vst that I am playing at the moment, that is, for example, when the song is ending, with one hand play the keyboard and with the other play the lever to lower the volume and finish in fade.

Does anyone know how to do this in cantabile?

Thank you

Here is a way to use bindings for this purpose:

The first binding uses the lower half of the pitch bend lever to fade out, the second uses the upper half for a 6 dB volume boost if you need that.

You need to select “discard” for out-of range values in the value dialog, otherwise the bindings will conflict. With “discard” the first binding will only react to lower half values and the second only to upper half (OK, both will fire on the middle position, but that doesn’t hurt…





Controlling volume through the pitch wheel/lever is quite unusual. That because volume is a 7 bit Control Code, while pitch is 14 bit RPN (MIDI Registered Parameter Number). RPN is more complex to manage with.
Usually, in Cantabile, the easier and quicker method is called Bindings. Here you find the guide:
Another way is the MIDI Filter, but I never used it to deal with the pitch data stream.
Here the guide:
Feel free to ask if you have more question

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Thank you so much!

Its working fine :slight_smile:

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Finally I did not do it with the “Pitch” event since it did nothing, I had to use the “Controller” event.

I’ve been testing for several days and I just realized that in some VSTs when I move the lever, apart from lowering the volume, the “modulation” is also modified.

I don’t know if there is any way to remove it.

I am attaching a photo of the keyboard that I have, from what I see on the lever it says “modulation”.

Greetings and thank you

Hi Felipe,

On the input route to the VSTi in the routings pane from the Main Keyboard to the plugin you can add this filter to block the Mod from reaching the plugin. If any more CC numbers need suppressing you can add their numbers with a comma separating them. This example shows only the mod wheel as blocked.