Modelled stuff v massive libraries


Only just found out about SWAM and the Roland breath controller.
After playing with Pianoteq 6 I’m coming around to modelled instruments.


Hey, Pap!

May I also suggest:


I currently use the EWI5000/SWAM Instruments with great success!



SWAM is interesting stuff. It can sound very good on its own and very thin and nasty in a mix- it needs a lot of roughing up. And it takes (for me at least) a lot of micro-programming to introduce natural flaws and intonation humanizing, even though some of that can be down automatically with micro-tuning and such. My main issue is a thinness of sound. But the expressiveness is amazing. It is the way things will go!

Alternate controllers do make life much better with these things.


I am using the instruments from Audio Modelong (The Saxophones, Double Reeds & Flutes - SWAM) and those from SampleModeling (The Trumpet & French Horns and Tuba - Kontakt Player). I used them in our church orchestra and our Community Concert Band and one could not determine whether it was “Live or Memorex”!



I’ve loaded up all my pianos in Cubase and spent hours clicking back and forth and playing notes and chords and I still come back to Pianoteq. I can’t put my finger on it but the ‘voicing’ (hammer felting) seems better and maybe the sound board or bridge tone.
Anyway the Pianoteq 6 modelled Steinway D just sounds right and I guess the Steinway & Sons approval must count for something.
I think the modelling brainiacs at MODARTT will likely see the sample players off.


We’re all going to look like the Mos Eisley Spaceport cantina musos.