Mod Wheel Layering Blend

I have been searching, and reading, and experimenting for 2 days, trying to learn how to use the mod wheel to bring another layer into the first layer. Example: I have a piano layer and a string layer on my Main Keyboard. I want to use the mod wheel to bring the string layer into the piano layer by slowly increasing the volume. If anyone has a solution, I would certainly appreciate your knowledge.

You’ll need to add a binding that maps CC01 (mod wheel) from your MIDI input to “Gain” on your strings plugin/rack. It should look something like this (except your MIDI source will obviously be different, and the name of the target strings plugin might be different for you). Note the value mapping, which is mapping mod wheel values 0-127 to gain -∞ to 0dB. You may wish to change that, depending on the fading range you want.



Thank you Neil! I was at that point but left the values off for some reason. I knew it was simple mistake somewhere.

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