Mixer VST 8x2 or similar

I know @brad is working on incorporating a mixer into Cantabile at some point, but in the meantime, does anyone know of a simple VST mixer – like an 8x2 or similar? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anything that’s not 32 bit or really old.

I just created a ‘SplitMix’ Linked Rack with audio and MIDI I/O - no plug-ins - and I can mix into it and split out of it as I need - and have as many faders as I create ins and outs. No need for a plug-in!

I use BlueCat. It’s far from perfect, but does exactly what I need.

Would you be so kind as to post a picture of your “SplitMix” rack?

Here you go…


@The_Elf: thank you very much…a very good solution!

I really like that rack idea to replace a mixer :slight_smile: but how I can automate volumes from the input MIDI ? I have tried with no luck…


There’s an easy way to create any size mixer in a rack. To demonstrate, I’ve just built an 8x2 stereo mixer in a rack.

First create a linked rack that has 8 stereo input ports, named “Input 1” through “Input 8”

Now insert 8 Equalizer plugins in that mixer (of course you can also add compressors and whatnot…) and route your inputs to these equalizers; then connect all equalizers to the rack stereo out:

Now you can mix with the gain faders on the EQ plugins, use the pan controls to create a stereo picture, and of course edit the equalizers to create your mix.

Use “entire bank” state behavior on your EQs to make sure any mixer state stores the full setup of plugin gain, pan and the EQ settings.

Of course, you can use bindings to remote-control the gain faders:

Here you go - a nice 8x2 stereo mixing console with full snapshot capability (use rack states for mixer snapshots).

Now connect your various VSTi to the individual inputs of your mixing rack and go wild!




Ciao @Torsten ,
thanks for the reply! so if I understand correctly, the trick is using N copies of some VST plugin having a gain or similar correct?
I will try this, it’s a nice idea :slight_smile:

Ciao @luigi,

the gain is a Cantabile feature, independent of the plugin you use. Essentially, you can also use N copies of a compressor or of a dummy plugin that does absolutely nothing - you can always use the Cantabile gain and pan controls on the result. So it doesn’t really matter what plugin you use - you mix with the Cantabile gain faders.

I am using EQs in my example mixer rack, because an EQ comes in handy in any mixer - and the Melda EQ is free. You could also use full channel strip plugins - I don’t know any decent free ones, but there are a ton of great commercial VST channel strips.

Have fun!



BTW: this discussion made me revisit the Boz Digital website for my favorite plugin - the demonstration video is just hilarious:

A bit of fun is always good in these times - give it a look :wink:


Just to add some ideas (i have see the trello card on mixing), let me put here the screenshot of a very old plugin I have found: it is 32bit with horrible performances, but it does its job :slight_smile:
I just need the “channel volume” , and I use it as the mixer modules of bidule, gigperformer etc

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Just saw this. Thanks! Simple and works great. :slight_smile:

Creating a mixer in Cantabile is simple, but creating aux sends becomes a bit fiddly, and the controls begin to hide away. I’ve created an 8-in/2-out for myself, with three aux sends, and exposed the internals to my iPad as a MIDI Designer Layout such that I can ‘see’ my mixer. Happy to share.