Missing USB Midi Device Handling

Rather than set up the whole rig I often use a USB midi keyboard to check out and set up software.

How does Cantabile 3 handle missing USB midi devices?

What I would like to see is a system where a virtual USB port can be created and linked by name to a real device. If that device is not connected, the virtual port waits a half second and checks again. As with a driver, the main software sees the virtual port rather than the actual USB midi port/device so the USB device can be plugged and unplugged freely without reconfiguration. The goal is to have the equivalent of an embedded, i.e., boots to a functional state under all circumstances without user interaction, system.


Cantabile 3 handles lost and found MIDI devices in the background and should disconnect/reconnect automatically as they come and go.

Cantabile 2 doesn’t support this at all.


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