Missing Hot Key Command "File - Open..."

Hi @Brad,

I just discovered that the Hot Key command “File - Open…” seems to be missing. Pressing CTRL + O does work though, but if one deletes the entry in the options or re-assigns the key combination, there seems to be no way to get the “File - Open…” entry back (except for resetting the default hot keys, which would of course also reset every other user-initiated change). I am using Version 3.0 Build 3154 (x64).

Kind regards and as always: thanks for your great product! :smiley:

Hi Sepp,

Yep, this was my mistake I forgot to put in code to remap an internal command name, but you can easily fix it yourself - just double click it and change the command drop down to File - Open Song.


Hi @Brad, thank you for your answer.

I tried to to so before, but unfortunately there is no such option in the dropdown list:

Hrm. What build are you running. I just checked here in 3158 and it shows up fine:

Thanks, being on build 3160 it’s back again :slight_smile:

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