Miscellaneous Clean Up

(work in progress) This menu was getting out of hand:

so I’ve cleaned it up:


  • grouped all MIDI and Audio related commands into sub-menus.
  • “rename” commands moved to “Properties”
  • re-ordered things for more consistency (open commands, modes, audio/midi, clipboard, other actions, properties)
  • removed most of the simple “checkbox” properties from the menu (eg: flush tail sounds, enable MIDI passthrough port etc…)
  • added a duplicate command
  • added a new “Properties” dialog:

I’ve also made similar changes for media player and rack context menus.

Nothing final, still experimenting and open to suggestions/comments.


Hi @brad

Excellent progress! The dots on the routes for active filters works for me, can you try to put them on environment ports, plugins and racks? It may look like a Christmas tree, but that is sort of the point. Also, can you right click them to get the filter dialog?

Thanks for your awesome work,


Currently they’re only showing on routes. Right clicking anywhere on the route shows the route context menu which has a command for MIDI filters.

I’ll look into putting similar dots on ports.

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Good job man!