Mirroring Cantabile System on a Second Laptop?

I was going to email Brad about this, but maybe it can help someone else as well.

Is there a quick and dirty way to duplicate my entire C3 setup to another Laptop? I have a backup computer that I take to live shows, just in case. I would like it to have the exact same settings (songs, setlists, config, etc.) as my primary Laptop. What would I copy over to insure this? Other than the Songs/Setlists obviously. I would love to avoid having to manually set-up all the config on the other machine.

Thanks very much.

~ vonnor

Great question - this is something I need to do with my backup machine too. I have my songs, racks and setlists within Dropbox, so they sync effortlessly between systems. However, it would be great to be able to sync (or at least export/import) Cantabile config settings.

I’d also be interested to hear if anyone has tried/succeeded in syncing plugins across systems, maybe via Dropbox etc. I haven’t tried - maybe it just works? Although some care would need to be taken to ensure patch/sample libraries and other dependencies are synced etc., I guess.


FWIW, I do this using my DAW and laptop…all I do is ensure the folders are the same name and in the same place on both units. VSTi folders as well. Ensuring of coruse they are noted in the Options: Folder locations dialogue as well.

I find it easier to work and edit on the big screen daw so I do it there and simply copy across the folders to the laptop

I use http://www.freefilesync.org/ to sync between systems and backup storage. You define set of folders to sync (source and target names don’t have to match), you can use filtering, one or two way sync… All the settings are saved in the file which itself can be synced too (so you need to add new folders only once on any machine).

It takes some to time to set it up (find all folders you need to sync so you’re not missing anything but also not syncing whole disk) but then it works like a charm.

@Neil_Durant I use it also to sync plugins - after I install them on each machine, it keeps in sync all the presets, fxb banks, jbridge settings and also samples (which are too big thus slow to sync over internet).

Hmm, plain syncing doesn’t cut it for me - at least not for the plugins side of things. I’m happy with my solution for my Cantabile folder - like @Neil_Durant, I keep all my Cantabile stuff (songs, setlists, racks, including global rack, some samples, Patches as fxp) in Dropbox, so it syncs automatically between my three systems (studio, live, backup).

My problem lies with plugins: my studio machine has pretty much everything I own installed, but lots of my plugins I only use once in a while in production; my live machines are reduced to what I really need when performing live. This is why I don’t want to simply copy my plugins and samples directory - too much clutter and a shedload of licensing issues (three machines doesn’t work with a lot of licensing schemes…).

This is why I’m hoping for @brad to implement setlist verification tools - if I can get a list of missing plugins for every setlist, this would get me pretty far along keeping my stuff in sync.