Miroslav Philmarmonik

Has anyone used this with Cantabile. It seems like a very large plugin (10G of samples) - I was wondering if that makes the time to change songs too slow in a gigging environment.

Hi Ivan,

I use Cantabile with a number of large sample libraries with no troubles or long waits. The key is to have a lot of RAM memory and SSD for the samples. Then pre-loading of your samples in advance and the fast SSD should stream any other needed samples fast enough to make it all work.



For orchestral sounds I recommend on East West Symphonic Orchestra.

I subscribed once to East West Composer Cloud, just to try how good their instruments for live keyboard playing, and I found East West Symphonic Orchestra to be not only great sounding but also very playable.

East West doing a sale every now and then, and I think their sale prices are affordable relatively to other symphonic libraries.

By the way, East West Goliath also has some good patches for live keyboard playing, I think it is worth it only for its general MIDI Choir patch.

Just so you won’t do a mistake and waste your money, East West Hollywood Orchestra is useless for live keyboard playing

A friend of mine (studio owner) has been using some of the Spitfire Audio stuff, and asked me to do some symphonic work on some recordings.recently. Very beautiful sounding samples. Gave me chills when playing them, very responsive as well. Reminded me of the 1st time I laid hands on VB3.
Most of their products are way out of my price range and 30+ gb or more. Probably wouldn’t do well live without a ton of RAM and SSD, but would love to try it with these gorgeous products.

Thanks to all of you who responded - very useful information.