Miroslav Philharmonic VST3 Support

I have been giving Cantabile Solo a trial run. When I use the VST3 version of Miroslav Philharmonic plugin, it seems to run in some monophonic mode. When I run it in VST2 mode, it seems to run normally. Any suggestions or is this plugin just not supported as a VST3 plugin?

-Andrew V. Romero

I own IK Miroslav Philarmonic, let me install the VST3 (I’m currently on VST2), then I’ll drop a line.

I have experienced the same thing with the Miroslav Philharmonik VST3.

Andrew and Bruce,

It seems there are some issues with VST3. The “mono” behavior in Cantabile is confirmed.
In Reaper there are other weird issues: note-on are randomly not recognized, and sometimes note-off are unrecognized, causing stuck notes.
Only in Cubase there are no problems at all.
Not a real problem, anyway. VST2 is working fine.
Just notice that to @Brad, even I doubt about a Cantabile bug.

Give me a couple of days to source a copy of this plugin for testing.

In the meantime, could the Mono issue just be a problem with the configuration of the plugin’s audio ports? If someone would like to right click on the plugin, choose Audio Ports and post a screenshot here I’ll take a look.


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here is what you asked for, either VST3 and VST2. MIDI problem?


Just to confirm I have the same issues with Philharmonic, and get the same screens as Paolo. VST3 plays also only a single note, when you press a chord. The VST2 version plays chords as chords. As I until now only used the VST2 version of Philharmonic, I never found out before.

Hitting the keyboard full hands for one minute I got two notes. VST3 miracle? :thinking:

Ah, “monophonic” as in single note at time, not single audio channel - got it. Leave it with me and I’ll post back when I know more.


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I see this post is kind of old, but it never talks about a resolution. I just fired up Miroslav for the first time and I get mono. Occasionally a second note will also play. Does anyone know if this ever got fixed?

Off hand, I can’t remember if this was a Cantabile issue, or a Miroslav issue, but I just installed the latest Miroslav and tested with latest Cantabile and the plugin is definitely receiving multiple notes now.

Compare held notes on the on-screen keyboards to those in above images. Screen shot also includes plugin version numbers in case you need to compare to your installed version. Cantabile version is 4062.


Hi Brad, Thanks for the quick response. The plugin is 2.0.6. I updated Cantabile earlier today to 4061, the latest official release. No joy. I don’t recall if the notes all appeared on the plugin’s keyboard or not. I installed the vst2 version as suggested way back and that is working OK.

Before switching to vst2 I attempted a work-around by using sample tank with the Miroslav samples. That caused Cantabile to crash. I tried it a few times but no joy. I had to start with the audio engine off and change to a differnt plug in. The crash was simply exiting as though I pressed the ‘x’ on the window. I didn’t spend a lot of time, but other sample tank sounds seem to work OK.

Did you send crash reports? I had a look under your forum email address but couldn’t see anything.


I did not. I will see if I can figure out how.

Hi Brad. I found this

“If Cantabile crashes it will automatically create a crash report file and prompt you to send it for diagnosis. The crash report includes details about the crash, a copy of your settings file and a copy of your plugin information file.”

There are no recent files in the crash report folder and Cantabile did not ask me if I wanted to send anything when it crashed. It just quietly shut down as though I hit the ‘x’ on the upper left. Though it that was the case it should have asked me about saving my changes.

I just posted about a keyboard split bug. I did not see anyone else report it. Maybe there is something wrong with my installation?

Hi @raydyo,

Firstly check you’ve got the option to capture/send crash reports enabled in Options -> Diagsnotics (it should be, it’s on by default).


Failing that, some crash reports are too low level to be captured by Cantabile’s built-in crash reporter. In that case you’ll need to use DebugDiag.


Crash dumps were enabled. I am happy to help you debug this, but anything time consuming might have to wait. I have a gig coming up and these issues are cutting in to my practice time. It’s bot crashing with the vst2 version so I am OK with that for now.

FWIW, I’m experiencing a similar issue with SampleTank 4 in Cantabile 4 and 3. Similar to what was described in this thread. Oddly, when ST4 crashes C4 it just shuts down and does not show that error dialog box for sending an error report. When it crashes in C3 it does show that dialog box and Yes I sent an error report today.
Thank you

Hey bgober. Glad I’m not the only one. I think that Sample Tank and Philharmonik are basically the same things with different skins. Also Syntronik. You can get to all of the Philharminik and Syntronik samples from Sample tank. But not the other way around