Miroslav Phil 2 Piano inconsistencies

Any MP2 users? I am asking if you could check issues which I have asked IK support aboutand can’t seem to get a straight answer yet. Still working with them. Some note velocities are way off making the instrument unplayable. Here are my finding:

Philharmonik Grand and Classical Philharmonk Grand - the velocity of F#4 and G4 are way off. When i play these notes, they play very loud with a harsh attack. i can only get these not to match the velocity of the rest of the keys by playing very soft.

Philharmonik dark grand - D#4 and E4 same issue

Philharmonik Grand Bright - A4 and A#4 same issue

i have plugged in several different keyboards with the same results, and have adjusted octaves and pitch to be sure it was not my keyboard. I ave run them in Stand Alone and also within Cantabile 2 and in Komplete Kontrol with the same results. As i mentioned in prior tickets, the only way i can produce this is by playing it on my controllers. i cannot produce these events through piano roll entry.

If anyone could please check this out, I would appreciate it. And if you do find the same issue, please post to IK support.


This is one of those areas where Cantabile can be a life saver. If you create a rack for those instruments you can set it up with a velocity curve for the bad notes only. Then just make sure you use that rack in all songs instead of the plugin directly.

Ok and WOW…I did not realize that was something possible. And that would be a life changer…or at least open up a few more options for useable VSTs. Any help on this subject would be appreciated.

The way I would do it is this:

  1. Create a rack for the first instrument and open it for editing.
  2. Add the VSTi
  3. Create 2 input routes from the rack MIDI input to the VSTi.
  4. On the first route add a suppress events filter set to suppress only the problematic notes. This will allow all the non problematic notes to be triggered normally.
  5. On the second route paste the filter from the first route and change it to ALLOW only the problematic notes.
  6. On the second route also add a velocity curve filter.
  7. Create other racks the same way for the other problematic instruments.
  8. ?
  9. Profit!
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Thx BigTwisty! I will attack this first thing Monday. Finally a nice weekend here in Deutschland! Gonna take advantage of the nice weather and do some hiking. I will post an update once I complete the process. Thanks again!

BTW…it took you only a few hours to reply with something concrete. IK support has not been helpful. They are usually great to work with, but this issue seems to elude them. I have posted about this several times in their forum, and have received no replies. I would also like to know if others have noticed the same issue.

BigTwisty, I tried your suggestion and it didn’t help…or I did it wrong. Any other ideas? Not sure why there is such inconsistencies within IK’s piano libraries. It is so frustrating. Luckily I have NI, AK, and UVI pianos.

My guess is that you did it wrong. :joy: It can take some serious trial and error to get a velocity curve right, and when you are trying to match it to adjacent notes the tolerance is even tighter.

I will give it another try on Monday. Besides basic overall sound manipulation, I really have gone into single notes lik this. If I can do what you are telling me, then I can work on the other notes similarly. Once I work at it again, I won’t just it didn’t work…lol. I will post a very precise post about what I did and the type of outcome.

I just loaded MP2 into Cantabile and tried both the Philharmonik Grand and Dark Grand. Neither had any issues with velocities. I specifically tried the keys you mentioned and they played consistently with the other keys. I am using a KeyLab 88 controller.

My guess is that you have a bad install, either of the plugin, or the sample data. Have you tried reinstalling? Also, if you have Sampletank 3, you can try loading the sounds into that. I loaded the same two sounds into ST3 and they played fine there, as well.

Sorry for late reply. Try octave 5 instead of four. For some reason Cantabile has it marked as wrong octave. I have reinstalled from the web page multiple times. I even sent a MP3 from Studio One 3 with an example of what s going on. I even set all velocities as equal within Studio One to prove the issue. Customer support has not replied and it’s been 3 weeks since I contacted them. This is so strange. And something I have been trying to resolve for over a year.

Hi ski88keys,

I just played all 88 notes, using a weighted 88-key keyboard, playing at a light to medium velocity. Every note played at about the same volume - certainly nothing out of whack like what you described above. Are you sure you completely uninstalled and reinstalled MP2? I don’t know what else could explain this besides a corrupt installation.