Minor UI Issue with Plugin Editor wiindow

When I first created a rack and added a plugin, I was using multiple monitors and had the plugin editor on my 3rd monitor. When I am just using my laptop display and open the plugin editor in the rack, the window comes up just off hte screen (I can see the window frame, but cannot grab it to move or resize it). Unlike with version 2, there is no Window instance in the Windows taskbar that I can use to move this editor window either. So, I can’t find any way to access the editor window unless I reconnect to the multiple monitors.

On Windows 8.1 if I right-click on the task bar and go to Properties, there’s a “Show taskbar on all displays” setting. Clearing that, and hitting Apply brings all window instances to the same single taskbar, allowing me to do what I need, and then I re-enable that check-box. Are you seeing the same on whichever version of Windows you’re running?

This might at least be a workaround for your issue.

I am also running Windows 8.1 (Pro). Thanks for the suggestion. However, when I am using my laptop display without the external monitors, I don’t see that option. I will try it out when I am connected to the external monitors.

Thanks for reporting this… fixed in 3096 available now.

Great! Thanks.

I am really impressed with CB3 and your ability to respond to the community’s suggestions.