Minor issue with a Kontakt instrument

I have one annoying issue with one kontakt instrument I have, being Ventus native
american flutes. The instruments was made on kontakt 5.7, I’m using 6.6.1. I have emailed the vendors about this bug I never heard anything back, I might need to remind them. I need to pointers, in case it is anything my end.

That is, after I have played a sequence through, the instrument will not sound again unless I click the ‘!’ in the corner to force reset the audio. No other kontakt instrument does this.
it is tedious resetting audio every time I make and edit to the track.

I have copied the midi monitor data and I could not see anything that looked unusual and did the same with midi-ox.
Has anyone else had anything similar?

I’m away on holiday at present (makes a chance to being away on business!) but could check when i get back.

Hi, thanks, that’s ok. Enjoy the holidays :slight_smile:

I also forgot, I can play away for ages with either keyboard with no issues.
so far it looks like something in the end of the incoming data this one plugin doesn’t like???

Probably not worth mentioning, I will anyway, the vendor suggested
cantabile might be at fault. I was sure of otherwise. I tested the same in kontakt
standalone mode, with he same result.

Hmm, the latest version of Kontakt is 6.8.X, if I’m right.
I don’t think this will really help you anyway… :slight_smile:

I highly doubt newer Kontakt would fix the issue. I don’t have the cash to upgrade hardware+software to anything higher at the moment.
6.7+ requires Win10 minimum, therefore a new PC build to run it. (I have no experience with newer OS’s yet) plus forfeiture of plugins I regularly use, not updated by the vendors for newer OS’s.

You’re right.
Sometimes I forget that not everyone has the latest version of the OS.
I’m currently on W10 updated in 2021, and happy.

However, many plugins don’t work with Windows 7 anymore.

That’s ok :slight_smile:
Knowing my luck, If it is indeed a bug in the instrument, they’ll go and fix it with Kontakt 7 :roll_eyes: :laughing:

I have another half built system ready for windows 10 sitting idle, this is on the bottom of the list of priorities for things to pay for at the moment. I’ll get there one day.

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This isn’t exactly the same as your issue but I had something a bit similar with Sforzando and later another with kontakt 6. Both were racks a few years old that worked great that entire time. Suddenly Sforzando wouldn’t play a particular instrument no matter what I tried. Backup rack file same problem, backup instrument file too, which was odd…so it’s the vst itself. A new instance worked perfectly but of course all my routes were broken. I ended up rebuilding the rack from scratch, same name so routes were recognized… if I remember correctly.
A few months later K6 did a similar thing with a different instrument. K6’s virtual keyboard worked, but K6 was not processing external midi data at all. Rebuilt rack and rack states. Very annoying to say the least.

This happened on primary rig running Win 10. Backup rig Win 7 still worked until I copied over new songs, no change to rack… problem happened.

I think sometimes the Players corrupt certain instruments, I’m not sure why. But the older or bigger the rack the more problems I seem to have. I now keep racks simple with 1 or 2 vst’s and low state count where possible.

Have you tried looking at the text instrument file and the Cantabile log file?

I feel your pain…Good luck hope you fix it.

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Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:
I’ll check these two out later and report back.
It’s an odd problem I can tinker away all night playing via
external keyboard, once it is at the end of the midi sequence data being sent it wont work.

The learning curve with Kontakt and Cantabile at the same time has been huge
and worth it :slight_smile:

The wait was worth it, support came back with a suggestion, I’ll post the solution here in case
anyone else may come across this.

The problem seems to be an issue between NCB/RCB catalyst buttons used in the instrument
and the CC’s being sent from the DAW on song end. The CC’s in question are 120,121,122 and 123.

It was fixed by putting a script in to the midi monitor script editor in kontakt with the following

on midi_in
end if
end on

After a sequence has played through from sequencer i can play away afterwards without the need
to hit the ! in kontakt.