Minor GUI Glitches


Some minor GUI glitches on build 3630. Nothing crucial but thought I could report them as some of them were part of my first impression of Cantabile.

  1. Switching routing mode from menu
    Current song is in routing mode “Routing Table”
    Menu > View > Routing Diagram
    If you immediately go back to Menu > View, “Routing Table” and “Routing Diagram” are greyed out, which is confusing.
    You have to explicitly give the focus to the routing window to reactivate these options in the menu.

  2. UI is sometimes difficult to control
    Menu > View > Metronome Bar or Control-M brings up the Metronome Bar.
    Menu > View > Metronome Bar again or Control-M again does not make it disappear.
    You have to select the Metronome Bar and hit Shift-Esc which is not easily discoverable.
    This is even more difficult because to have the focus, you have to click on a button of the Metronome Bar, not only in its “empty space”.
    => this also applies to Ticker Bar, Timeline and Online Keyboard

  3. Default mapping for default zoom is strange
    Control-1 by default whereas every other app I know use control-0

  4. On Screen Keyboard - long press on ‘/’ removes focus from On Screen Keyboard
    On my laptop keyboard, ‘/’ is at the far right of the bottom row, just before the right shift key. Hitting it shortly correctly plays note E. Long pressing it plays E shortly and then activate ticker bar.
    Solution is to deactivate Hot Key for Ticker Bar but default mapping is confusing.
    => Other examples where default mapping conflicts: S, R…

  5. On Screen Keyboard - some chords are not working
    on a qwerty keyboard, bottom row of my laptop: C + N + M keys (E + G + A notes) only triggers two notes. All combinations of only one of those keys or two of those keys work as expected, but not the three of them.

  6. Controller Bar lacks a Lock Mode
    Controller Bar is a golden feature in Live Mode on my laptop’s touch screen.
    However, I sometimes hit somehow in between two buttons and it resizes one of them. If I could lock the Controller Bar, I would not worry about that.
    Also if possible in “Lock Mode”, a long press would not activate the right click (or just simply deactivate context menu).

  7. Bottom display of Routing Diagram does not correctly updates upon song switching
    Let’s imagine a scenario with Song 1, having only Plugin 1 and Song 2, having only Plugin 2.
    In routing Diagram on Song 1, I select Plugin 1. Plugin 1 appears at the bottom of the routing diagram view.
    If I select Song 2, Plugin 1 is still selected at the bottom of the routing diagram view for Song 2, which is confusing.


Hi @Toto

Thanks for reporting… I’ll look into addressing these issues.



Thank you for your time on polishing the application!

Here are some others on build 3637:

Mouse pointer jumps to a random position after using plugin’s gain
Open a plugin’'s window. On the upper right corner, open the gain slider:

Release the mouse button
=> pointer jumps to a random position on screen

International keyboard broken globally on Windows when Cantabile is open
Example: '+e should give accented e but gives '‘e instead. This is not only in cantabile, but in other windows applications as well
I believe this one has already been reported/fixed but it’'s back again and is surprisingly painful.


Hi Le Heros,

I checked that here and it’s fine for both Vst 2 and Vst 3 plugins, I tested 5 or 6. It always returns to the adjustment slider knob when you release. Sounds like we need more people to check it out on their systems, it might be a video driver or net framework thing, not sure. I can’t comment on the International keyboard, sorry. FWIW I think you can also use Alt+130 to get the accented … é .




Ah good point, I should mention I have a high dpi screen with the following settings:


It’s very likely tied to something like that so it’s good info to know! Thanks for posting that.


Hi there

I have another one regarding High DPI display:
In Tools > Options > Audio Engine, if your driver is Asio4All, invoking the “Control Panel” will display Asio4All in a tiny window.



I’ve been working through these…

Fixed in the next build.

This is by design and intended for consistent keyboard behaviour (ie: Ctrl+K always shows and activates the keyboard). If you prefer the toggle behaviour for the keyboard short cuts there are “Toggle XXX” commands in Tools -> Options -> Hot Keys you can map to get that behaviour.

I based this off Inkscape and Gimp - both which use ‘1’. Again you can customize this in Hot Keys if you want.

Fixed in the next build.

This is a NKRO limitation of your keyboard controller. See here.

Next build includes a “Locked” option in the controller bar context menu. The settings is saved per-layout. I’ve left the long press for the context menu though cause you’ll need that to unlock it again. Open to feedback on this.

Fixed in the next build.

I’ve known about this for a while - it’s related to high-dpi mode, but I’ve not fixed it because I plan to use some new features in Windows 10 to make the plugin editor toolbar appear in hi-dpi mode even when the plugin GUI itself is scaled up lo-dpi. That change should fix that and I’m reluctant touch that code till I’ve got time to properly test it.

I’m not sure if there’s anything I can do about this… I’ll need to look into it.