Mini Moog plugin Opinions


Very cool Adrian. Any idea what amp it was?


Thank you for that Adrian, it made my day! I love that you shared the story with us and now know that you played with him as well (so cool) but the cloth on the people from the bass says a lot about live music experiences can be like and made me get a good belly laugh.




Any idea what amp it was?

Spoken like a true gear head :laughing::sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::mage::notes::musical_keyboard::guitar::trumpet::saxophone:


Indeed!!! :slight_smile:



Ade - I think we have mutual friends! :wink:


Guilty as charged!:roll_eyes:


Is that Gary Wright as in “dream weaver”?


Hey Derek,

Yes, that’s the same guy …



Cool. Love that song. Closest claim to fame i have is that I used to gig with a lovely bass player who was invited to join The Clash, but turned them down (longer story involved there).


Hmm…new topic…“Brush With Greatness”. :thinking:
Afraid I would have too many embarrassing stories, compared to good ones. Met lots of people in my time tho.


The more quirky one was that one of the Pure Floyd (has before we became Welsh Floyd) bass players (we went through more bass players than Spinal Tap went through drummers!) once toured with Bucks Fizz. Titter ye not, he said it was one of the hardest gigs he had ever done in terms of the perfection demanded!