MidiQuest product offering

I was wondering if anyone has experience with MidiQuest products?

I find their website very confusing with the multiple product offerings.
Basically I recently bought a Novation KS4 and I am looking for a decent librarian and ideally something that can be used within Cantible.

I remember looking at this product about 8 years ago (before I started moving away from hardware). I came very close to purchasing. Looking at it now, it seems like the interface hasn’t change much at all, and even back then the product looked dated.

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I bought this when it was version 10 (this version was well documented everywhere for its bugs). I wish I could’ve had my money back.
MidiQuest had a particulary nasty bug with SY77, where if you accidently right click
a mouse in a certain part of the screen, it completely reset the synth or the voice/
patch being worked on. Sometimes locked up the SY77.

It would appear at the time there weren’t too many testers for all the hardware being added. They had Poly 800 Mk2 supported which proved to me nothing was tested. As poly 800 mk2 (very rudimentry midi) has no sysex abilities at all (except recieve midi bulk dump). So when you add poly 800 mk2 to the instrument list and midi quest tries it’s hand shaking, the PC locks up waiting for a response from the poly 800. the only way out was a hard reset.

Once bitten …

Is this one any good for you?

That looks good, unfortunately I don’t see any download link!

Check the menu (upper left corner on my screen), choose Installation.

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Thanks! there was quite a bit of clicking to do, but eventually found it!