Midi zones led strip

It would be great if we could let this work with a midi led strip and show the zones from Cantabile via leds

Should be doable. Cantabile can send key range information via sys-ex. You’d just need to write the code for the MCU to handle it. The sys-ex data is pretty simple - see here.



This is what I do on every gig:

I have a RGB LED (WS2812B-2020) above each key which perfectly shows the key range.

I absolutely love this feature and it rescued me a few times already. Also it provides a nice illumination on dark or blacked out stages. Thanks to @brad.

Beside the programming of the MCU the most difficult part is getting the distance between each LED right. I made a PCB for that. But with a standard LED-strip this would mean a lot of cutting and soldering.


You’re teasing us again Fantom :smiley: Please sell us the strip :stuck_out_tongue:

I can imagine indeed. And it needs to be on the right key