Midi volume control question

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I want to start using a volume control. I have a Line6 FBV Express Mk11. I can get Cantabile to see the controller and can map the buttons or expression pedal with no problem. My question is can I set a limit or threshold on how far the control goes. I am using it for swell type of expression. I have the upper limit or master volume set. When I assign the expression now it triggers the full range of volume which is louder than I need.

Hi Steve,

You can put a MIDI filter on the route and adjust the remapped CC values as shown below. This filter can be in the routes of the songs or racks and also in the main MIDI mapping area in options. The circled values are the ones to adjust …

or if you have bindings you can adjust the scaling in the binding target like this


Thanks Dave. I thought it might be easy. I am still getting used to Cantabile. There are some many control options you can get lost.

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