Midi timeline sync issue

I posted this in another old (SOLVED) thread but got no reply so I hope its ok to re-post my question in a new thread.

I have been working on a solution for changing tempos of audio tracks with out having to go back to my DAW and redo everything. I’ve found a vst called Serato Sample that will change the tempo and pitch without any sound artifacts. If you load Serato Sample as a VST and attach a media player to it via midi it will sync to Cantabile’s metronome. I’m having an issue though…
I triggered the audio file in Serato Sample with a midi note recorded in Cantabile as a one shot on bar 3 at 120 BPM but when I change the tempo to 150 BPM the sample will adjust but the midi track in the media player will not. It starts a bit later than bar 3 or if I slow down the tempo the midi track from 120 BPM it will start a bit earlier than bar 3. Any ideas of how I can get the midi track to stay in sync and start the audio on bar 3 after changing the tempo away from the originally recorded (midi track) tempo?

Thanks Leroy

Hi Leroy,

Have you tried the Master/Slave settings on the MIDI track? How do you have to set the Serato media player for it to work (Master/Slave/None)?


I have the midi media player and the Serato media player set to Slave and the metronome set to Master. The midi media player is sending midi out to Serato’s midi in to trigger the audio.

Hi Leroy,

Sounds right to me so it as far as the setup. Why, is a mystery except the possibility that the audio file in the Serato player is not trimmed at the front end of the file which would add or reduce any delay before playing any sounds. The MIDI file should be right IMO. Sorry I don’t have a fix, maybe @brad could help, I put a call out to him here.



The audio file in Serato is trimmed to the start of the file so its not that, hopefully @brad might have a idea of what’s going on here. It appears that once you record the midi file in Cantabile the BPM is baked in and doesn’t change if you change the metronomes BPM.

Hrm… Not sure I understand the setup enough but I don’t think you’re going to be able to get this to work reliably.

One thing you could try is using Cantabile’s media file speed adjustment - that might prove easier to sync against instead of using a plugin. See here.

Thank you for a solution for this! This was what I’ve been looking for all along. :slightly_smiling_face: I still think it would be good if you could change to BPM of the song and the midi recorded in Cantabile would adjust in sync.

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So I’ve been playing with the speed control with audio files and in my testing I notice the sound degrading too much for live gigs. Is there something I’m missing that could render a higher quality play back. I increased the speed from 100% to 106% and was getting glitchy sound.
Thx Leroy