MIDI sync with MPC live

Hi i am just getting acclimated to Cantabile. I have a use case which is “live sequencer jamming”. This requires midi sync between my external gear and vsts running in Cantabile.

I got an MPC live because it has features that I really like, such as a piano roll editor and really good pads.

I routed midi out from the mpc and chose midi clock as the sync method in the mpc.

Then I setup midi sync in on midi channel one in cantsbile and changed the transport up top to midi sync, as per the documentation and other discussions here.

I wanted to quickly test drift between two short patterns st 120 bpm so I sequenced 1/4 note kicks coming from the MPC and used a default pattern on the tr909 vst.

Long story short, sorry, the kick starts drifting immediately, and after just a few bars is sounding completely on the “and” of each best and just a few bars later has flanged back to be the opposite.

I am now aware that MPC live has significant known midi jitter to the turn of 5milliseconds but some users like me report even worse experience if that is possible.

I am going into so much detail because I want to make sure I am not doing something wrong and also because even a simple setup like this involves a lot of moving parts, any of which could be the problem.

My PC is brand new with a 9900k CPU, with a brand new RME AIO pcie card running at 32 samples buffer.

So if anyone has an idea of where I might be making a careless mistake on the cantabile side, please chime in, otherwise maybe this entry will give information to future googlers.

Are there any midi jitter benchmarks ever for Cantabile?

P.s. cantabile is really good so far now that I am getting used to it.