Midi Settings for external devices

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Hi Guys
This is my first thread and I wanted to say hallo to the community

I just try cantabile but I’m still not shure about the version.
at the end what I need is just:

  • my setlist with all midi settings for my keyboard (actually Set List Maker on my Ipad is doing the job, but I want to change to windows because I also want to use:
  • 1 instance of Kontakt5 for some songs (always the same with the same preset. For this only i could also use the Kontakt 5 only)
  • a Midi routing of 1 signal from my Keyboard to another device (a Controller from Midi channel 1 to midi channel 7)

And here is my question:
I use the trial version in the moment. It works well with “cantabile performer”, but not with “Solo”. Is this right? Is there no way to do it with “Solo”?
Performer is a very mighty (and expensive) tool for my small needs…

Best Steve

I was in your exact position a year ago. Mostly hardware sounds (MoXF8), using Band Helper (just like set list maker) on my iPad, wanting to add very minor virtual instruments and manage my midi routing on PC. I felt the cost of Performer was too much for a set list manager / midi router.

Long story short, I bit the bullet on Performer and I AM SO GLAD I DID! The flexibility of the routing has transformed my song building abilities. And now I just performed my first gig on Saturday night with nothing but software synths and it was sooooo freeing. Cantabile is now the center of my entire setup.

Thank you so much for your answer.
But I’m an organ player.
So I need my drawbars and all that to play it live. Its part of my instrument.
So for me its just occacionally to use a Rhodes or a Clavinet, what I own as samples…
Best Stefan

Write @brad asking to have the Solo trial activated. contact@cantabilesoftware.com


Hi Terry
You mean, that I may try that version?
I already can. The trial is for all versions.

But thats my question.
In “performer version” it is obvious how to manage it.
But in “Solo” it isn’t (at least for me :slight_smile:) and maybe it is simply NOT possible?
For example in Solo there is an option to start an external script…what is this?
I didnt find it out in the help menu… Maybe here might be an opportunity to do what I want?

Does somebody have experiences if it is possible to manage the midi settings of external devices with the “Solo” version?

Hi Steve

This is what solo includes:

Perfect for the home hobbyist

Everything from Lite +
Media Players
Automatic Recording
Set Lists
Advanced Midi Routing
Embedded Racks
MIDI Filters & Bindings

As you see, advanced midi routing and midi filters/bindings are included. From what I can tell from what you described, I would think solo might cover it. I never used Solo version so I really can’t speak to it’s abilities. I also would suggest as @terrybritton did, send Brad a detailed email of what you are trying to achieve, and he will get back in a short period of time, then you will know for sure.



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Hi @spepp

I think what you’re asking about is the ability to send MIDI to external gear on loading a song - typically via a Song - On Load binding. These kinds of bindings are called triggers and are only supported in Performer.

The external script binding is just that - the ability to run a Windows program or open a document from a binding. It’s typically used to bring up word/html/image documents in an external viewer - I doubt that it will help you with setting up external MIDI gear.