MIDI routing question (SOLVED)

I’ve been trying to incorporate a Prophet 6 editor/librarian VST plugin into one of my racks. It allows me to send/receive patches from my Prophet 6, manage banks etc. In the plugin’s setup you have to specify the MIDI in/out ports that connect to the Prophet 6, from a list of ports MIDI ports.

The problem is that these ports appear to be exclusively locked by Cantabile, so the plugin doesn’t work. I can disable those ports in Cantabile’s Tools → Options → MIDI Ports, and then it works, but I need those ports enabled in Cantabile so I can send program changes to the Prophet, or use the Prophet’s keyboard as a MIDI controller.

The Prophet editor plugin doesn’t see “internal” ports in Cantabile, so I can’t just set up routings within Cantabile to hook the plugin up to the Prophet ports - it only sees the actual hardware ports.

Any idea how I can set up these MIDI ports so that they can be used both by Cantabile as normal, but also by this plugin? I was wondering if there was some clever trick I could use using loopMIDI or similar, but haven’t had any success yet - the loopMIDI ports seem to be also locked by Cantabile.


Solved…turns out loopMIDI ports don’t show up in the editor plugin with the name you give them, which had me confused. Got it working now with a single loopMIDI port.