MIDI route "Condition" value persist between songs?

I am using an expression pedal to switch between full range Piano and a Piano/Bass split within some songs. I’m using the MIDI route “condition” to do this.

The expression pedal is abstracted from a Pedals rack and sent into the Keys rack so that the MIDI route knows the CC value.

This all works fine. However, if I have 2 consecutive songs set up like this and switch between them I have to move the expression pedal on each song before it recognises the value. That means I can’t just leave the expression pedal up and expect to get the bass piano split across several songs.

How can I persist the value of the expression pedal ? I suspect it is something simple I’ve forgotten.!


Hi Al,

I don’t know if this will help but have you tried “Jump Protection” on the pedal binding?


@a6325435 is that screen shot from the song or from a rack?

I think the problem here is that the condition logic is maintain entirely with the route. So if this is a newly loaded route (ie: the route is in a song) then it won’t have seen the CC values of the condition and won’t know the current value which is why you need to move it a little before it gets to the correct state.

The only way I can think to fix this is make sure any conditional routes are in a linked rack that’s used in both (all songs). That way it will never be unloaded and always know the current value of the CC.


Thanks Brad - screenshot is from a song.

I’ll plan to get around this by creating adding extra MIDI outputs from my Keyboard rack for “Notes-Exp Pedal On” and “Notes-Exp Pedal Off”. That means the “Condition” checking is done within the rack rather than the song, so should hopefully persist across songs.

The routes at song level can then handle just the splits themselves.

Any other way to easily do switchable splits?

My use case is that sometimes we don’t have a bass player, in which case I do left hand bass, so for the same song I need to choose between main instrument (usually piano) and the piano bass split. I don’t think using song states for this would be practical.

Dave, I couldn’t find the jump protection on a controller binding-where is it? Thanks!

On regular MIDI bindings there is no jump prevention but on Rack,Plugin and Media Player Gain sliders there is. So if you wanted to try it you would open the keys rack and create a binding like below to control that slider instead of the MIDI CC 11 messages being sent direct to the plugin. It is a selection under the encoding options. You call the box up by clicking on the value column of the binding.

In the example the cc 11 messages are used to control the gain slider of the Obx plugin slot.

That’s what I was reffering to, but I am not sure that if that’s helpful for your particular case.


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