Midi Program Change Commands on Song Load -- Possible in Solo?

In addition to playing keyboards, I also play guitar in my band. Actually, I play several guitars – acoustic, 12 String, and Electric.

I patch my 3 units in and through a Line 6 POD. Often I’ll play keyboards and guitar on the same song.

I currently have to load my keyboard patches (using Cantabile - I have 4 keyboards), and separately dial in the POD amp patches … via a separate program (the POD is also connected to everything via USB).

I was wondering if somehow sysex via midi might be employed that could be dialed in on Cantabile in order to load a single songfile, and not only pull the VSTs up, but also send a program change command to the POD to effortlessly dial in the desired patch on that too (one songfile to rule them all!)?

I’ve not yet started to do the research on how that might be done, for as of the moment, it was just a thought that occurred to me, and I don’t know if Cantabile has that ability – so I guess I’m basically just musing whether or not it is even possible. :smiley:

If the pod receives MIDI is there any reason why you can’t target a patch change, on an ‘out of the way’ channel, such as 16, to handle this?

I might be able to – as POD (I assume) will accept midi commands.

As I noted above, I’ve not yet done a heck of a lot of research yet, as the thought kind of just occurred to me.

So sysex (patch change) commands are possible in Cantabile? I’ve never used one “on the fly” in Cantabile, so I honestly had no idea.

From manual:

Sys-Ex Bindings
(Cantabile Performer Only)
A binding can generate sys-ex data if the target is a MIDI port and the event kind is set to “SyeEx”. For details on setting up
sys-ex bindings, see the Sys-ex Expression reference.

But why sys-ex? Can’t a simple patch change handle it?

Ah – good info. I’ve got Solo – not performer, as my needs are relatively simple. A patch change command should do it – but I’d thought a patch change command was sysex.

I’m on the binding video now. I see how what I want done can be done … but not sure I’ve the version to do it. :smiley:

A patch change is not sys-ex. It’s a simple Status/Channel/Variable command, I would go there first and leave sys ex alone unless you’re totally stuck for another way to get to it.
Another approach could be to record the sys-ex via a daw and export as a midi file. Then run via a media player/binding - but it’s a sledgehammer to crack to a walnut :smiley:

As old as I am … I am still learning. Thanks A!

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I finally got back to trying to figure this out.

I’ve been through the Bindings video again, but I’m seeing nothing that Brad shows as possible in Cantabile Solo –

Is it not possible to send Program Changes on Song Load in Solo, and only in Performer or am I (as usual) missing something?


I could simply keep on using different programs, but it would be easier to just have one control all the settings for the songs.

My guess is that Brad’s video was in Performer, and since I’m not seeing the same setup in Solo, the functions are simply not available in this version.

I would check this, but I can’t switch the Performer license to Solo as the trial period has ended.
(@brad, wouldn’t it make sense to allow users of Performer to run the other versions?)

Thanks for trying to help, though, A!